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Will Jackson

"Hey, young blood, doesn't it feel like our time is running out?"

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Name:William Noah Jackson
Birthdate:May 23

William Jackson -- Will to everybody but his mum when he's in trouble -- is the youngest child (by quite a few years) in his family. Older brother Luke was the youngest for years until Will came along by a happy accident of his parents later in life. As the youngest, Will has always looked up to his older siblings, and loves all of them dearly. Growing up, he was always an intelligent kid, getting into any and everything, not to cause trouble, but just because he wanted to learn.

Where many kids his age were dreaming of being doctors, astronauts, or rock stars, all Will ever wanted to be was a writer. He was writing and illustrating his own stories from the time he learned to write. He always carries a small notepad with him to scribble down ideas as they hit him, and he has big plans to be a published author and journalist when he grows up

When his parents moved the family from their home in Australia to New York to be closer to Luke when he married Haley with plans to eventually start a family, Will was thrilled. He'd always viewed Luke as a sort of hero, the big brother he looked up to, and the entire family loved Haley, a British chick who'd stolen Luke's heart right from the start. Starting high school was something he very much looked forward to, too, and he had plans to join the staff of the school newspaper. He scored a spot, and happily settled into high school, meeting best friend Layla Morton his freshman year. The pair became fast friends, and literally spent as much time as they possibly could together. Most assumed that there was romantic spark between the two, but there really wasn't. They were the best of friends, and settled into a level of comfort only found between people who trust each other completely.

Their friendship would hit whole new levels a couple of months in, though, when Will's parents were concerned that he was a little off, not feeling well, and in general just not quite himself. They insisted he go to the doctor, and when all was said and done, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and began a journey of literally fighting for his life. Two years of chemotherapy, which resulted in his losing his hair, a hit that was hard to take. He always said he wouldn't care that much about losing his hair... it was just a vanity thing, and some people looked cool bald anyway, but when it started to come out in handfuls, he broke down and bawled his eyes out with Layla, who, the very next day, showed up for his chemo treatment with her head shaved.

Layla stuck right by his side through two years of treatments, Will fighting like hell for his family and best friends, and for the promise he'd made to himself that he would have a novel published before he died. It was during his treatments, when a really cute male nurse was the one looking after him, that Will realized that he actually liked guys. It made perfect sense, and the fact that he and Layla had never had any romantic feelings for each other quickly developed to the realization that they had a fag and hag relationship. And when Dr. Beau Watson, Will's favorite doctor, delivered the news that Will's cancer was in remission, Layla was, of course, the person he celebrated with... complete with some more tears, this time of joy and thankfulness.

He's recently returned to school, excited to begin his junior year with his best friend, and without the grueling process of chemo. He's come back even more determined than ever to live life to the fullest, and never to forget that this is his second chance, and he can't take it for granted. He met people in chemo who'd been in remission just like him, and gotten sick again, so he's never taking it for a given that he's cured, and he's chasing his dreams of being a writer with all his heart... but with the added dream of maybe, someday, having a boyfriend of his own, a dream that Layla has promised her help and support in making come true.

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival."

- C.S. Lewis

Will is an original character for RP musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. His bio and backstory were written by his creator. His PB is Lucas Till, who belongs to himself. No infringement intended.

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